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Staying on top of edible trends is not easy at times. We help you construct a carefully selected portfolio of products, consulting you with up to date trends in the industry, as well as event or season specific product assortments for your shoppers, taking into account pricing, consumer interests and quality standards.

Tasty Ethnics works on a preorder system and is aimed at large wholesale, offering regular warehouse stocked assortment and offering goods to order.

Our clients include leading retail chains, internet platforms and hypermarkets worldwide.

Value we offer:

  • Market trends insights
  • Best prices on goods and logistics
  • Portfolio construction and product matching
  • Flexible logistics, customs, sorting and cargo marking

We are open to cooperation with online and offline retailers. Contact us here if you are interested in working with us.




We work with some of the biggest producers from CEE and Russia and we are interested in constantly increasing our product portfolio and promoting new up and coming brands.

Working with us, you gain a partner with a wide reach of retailers around the world ready to take your offerings to their shoppers.

Value we offer:

  • Timely execution of deliveries and payments
  • You gain a partner which helps you grow your business
  • Consultation on all current topics related to importing/exporting of goods